However self-sufficient our feline buddies may look, they still need a helping hand in battling fleas. Since they lick themselves so often and they don’t really like essential oils, it can sometimes be really difficult to remove those nasty fleas. Plus, a scratching kitty can pass some of its fleas onto you. So, to be able to enjoy some quality time cuddling with you kitty yet avoid being itchy and scratchy, you need to make sure your cat is flea-free.

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Examine your cat for fleas
Prior to actually spending any money on various treatment options, first you need to check whether your cat has fleas, and if so, how bad is it? Can you see any larvae?
Look at your cat’s fur up-close. Can you spot any kind of movement going on? Can you see something tiny and black bouncing off? If you can, then that’s a positive sign that your kitten has got fleas.
Get a fine-toothed flea comb (specially designed for warding off fleas) and comb your cat’s fur with this metal comb several times a day to remove the adult fleas and their tiny eggs. The comb will not only remove some of the fleas and their eggs, but it will also help with the itching sensation and will make your kitty purr with joy.
Dishwashing liquid
Another useful alternative if your cat has fleas is to immerse the comb into the mixture of dishwashing liquid and water, and then comb though the fur. Dishwashing liquid is poisonous to fleas, plus it’s affordable.
Other flea treatments you can use
There are many cat-friendly products you can use to fight off fleas. Your vet will probably recommend you some of the following options:
Frontline and Frontline Plus
These are the most common insecticides used to kill cat and dog fleas. Frontline provides long-lasting protection from fleas and it’s perfectly safe for your furry friend.
Imidacloprid Advantage
It is a topical insecticidal agent used in cats once a month to treat fleas. It is a perfectly safe and effective product for the control of fleas.
This medicine has multiple benefits: it helps protect your cat against adult fleas, its larvae, heartworms, ear mites and some other parasites as well.