Fleas are puppies’ old enemies, and they particularly like to feast on young puppies because they are perfect laying eggs. Young pups are a real treat for fleas because they are warm, and provide plenty of young blood for fleas and their offspring. Fleas can also cause a number of problems like anemia and skin irritations on puppies. An interesting thing is that fleas don’t live on puppies – they just feed off of them. That’s why you need to make sure your house is flea-free as well, because sooner or later, a new colony of fleas will lay new eggs and they will continue to feed on your pooch.
In this article we’re going to show you some of the best flea treatments for puppies and how to prepare them at your home.

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But before we take a look at some of the most common pup-safe options for getting rid of fleas, first you need know that the adult anti-flea products don’t work on puppies. It’s simply because puppies are super sensitive when they’re young and none of the products are perfectly safe for use on small pups.

1. Bathing and combing
Bathe your pup in lukewarm water and then take the fine-toothed metal comb specifically designed for flea combing and comb your puppy. Comb the puppy’s fur to remove any larvae or adult flea. Make sure you kill the adult fleas you find, otherwise they will find their way back very easily. You can throw them inside a cup of boiling water or simply squash them. Just make sure you kill all of them.
2. Clean the mother and/or other pets
The same goes for mother or any other pets the pup is in contact with. Fleas sense when the puppy is anywhere near and since they always prefer younger puppies from older dogs they will be again all over you pooch in no time. You can use regular anti-flea products on the mother, but make sure you consult with your local vet first, and avoid taking over-the-counter medicines.
3. Clean the puppy’s bedding and your carpets
It’s equally as important to treat the places where your pup spends the most time playing or sleeping. Fleas love laying eggs on soft and warm places, such as carpets and beddings. So first vacuum the areas thoroughly, and then use a permethrin-based insecticide spray, such as Staykill or RIP fleas.