Flea season can be hectic for you and your dog in the event that you don’t know how to kill fleas. Few regions of your home stay warm consistently, which can make a higher populace of fleas. The best measures are generally preventative in nature, however there are many approaches to kill or get rid of fleas after they already latch themselves onto your pet. Here are a couple of diverse approaches to get rid of fleas and prevent them from hurting your dog.

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Wash your puppy with a flea and tick cleanser: These items will kill bugs on contact, and help to prevent your canine from tingling at fleas. Lather the bug cleanser into your puppy’s jacket and wash completely.

Apply a flea treatment to your pet consistently: Converse with your veterinarian about any items they suggest. You can purchase items from pet supply stores, your vet or in retail locations and from the online websites. Take after the treatment directions on the Product packet. Most bug medicines will kill any bugs that are currently present on your puppy and keep them from coming back with a routine application.

Put a flea collar on your puppy: Verify your vet suggests a decent flea collar in light of the fact that some of them contain unsafe and lethal fixings. They can likewise affect your dog’s nervous system.

Use a flea powder: Most pet owners lean toward medicines and shampoos to powder in light of the fact that flea powder can bring about dry skin on canines. But instead of this, powders are cheap and simple way to get from any store.
Spray your canine with normal oils: You can do this along with different treatments or all alone in the event that you need a natural approach to shield your pet from fleas. Purchase a spray with citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, cedar or lemongrass to repulse fleas normally. You can purchase mists from any general health or food stores.
Splash your floor coverings with vaporized bug sprays: Fleas use to hide in carpets, and a vaporized aerosol spray treatment can kill the fleas and their eggs, ensuring your canine.
Sprinkle your floor covering and furniture with flea powder: Most powders contain poisons, for example, boric acid, which will kill fleas however it can also be harmful for your puppy and different pets. Powders additionally leave some effects behind. Consider utilizing powders when you know you will be away for some time.
Utilize a fogger: These can be obtained from shops or pet supply stores and you can also enlist an exterminator to haze your home in the event that you have a flea infestation.