Fleas are one of the scourges of the earth. These minute little bugs can jump 100’s of times their body length giving them the chance to leap on your furry friends or even you. Fleas leave your pets and you miserable so finding ways to get rid of them from all natural to full on chemical warfare is sanity-saving.

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There are several natural ways to get rid of fleas. People who live in beach areas swear that dunking their dogs in salty ocean water gets rid of fleas. Baths with apple cider vinegar (ACV) work on the same principal as salt water. Fleas seem to be repelled by ACV. It is a non-toxic treatement than can be applied directly to the animals coat by massaging small amounts deep into the pelt. Alternatively, it can be diluted with water and put in a spray bottle for application being sure to avoid the animal’s eyes. A dash of ACV can be added to the animal’s water dish to help repel fleas from the inside out. Unfortunately animals don’t like the taste of ACV any more than humans.
When alternative treatments fail to rid your pet of fleas it is wise to turn to many over the counter options for flea treatment. The most basic is the flea collar. This can be bought in sizes for both cats and dogs. It is placed around the neck of the animal and works to prevent fleas from taking up residence on your animal. There are also flea shampoos that can be used in conjunction with flea collars.
Fleas are insidious especially when your animal is already infested. Over the counter flea drops are available at here at MyFlea.com or at most box stores and veterinary clinics. These drops are placed on the scruff of the neck where the animal can’t lick it off. Within days the fleas jump ship and leave your animal alone. These drops last an average of 30 days.
The big kahuna in chemical warfare against fleas is internal medication. There is an injection that can be given to animals that essentially sterilizes fleas and interrupts the reproduction cycle. There is also a pill that can be given to the animal that works on the same principal.
Overall prevention is the best method of getting rid of fleas. Keeping carpets vacuumed and your animals treated helps to prevent major infestations. Regular flea baths will help outbreaks and in areas with large amounts of fleas such as beaches and woods, a pet owner may want to consider the injection or pill for prevention.