Fleas can be a real headache, and the worst part is – once they invade your space, they’re here to stay! This is especially true if you happen to have a carpet in your room. Carpet is a perfect habitat for fleas to thrive in.
In this blog post, we’re going to show you a few simple yet effective tips and tricks on how to eliminate the fleas from your carpet and stop them from coming back.

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Vacuum cleaner
The first weapon you need to battle fleas is the good old vacuum cleaner. Vacuum your rugs and carpets extensively, and use the nozzle attachment to make sure you get them all. Be sure you vacuum the location where your cat or dog often spends time lying on. And while you’re doing this, make sure you pets are out or confined somewhere. Fleas prefer humid and dark locations, so vacuum under the furniture as well. For heavy infestations, continue cleaning every days for about 2 weeks.
Indoor Flea Spray
The second method using chemicals. To make sure you kill every last one of them, buy an indoor insecticide that is pet-friendly and spray it all over the carpet. Read the instruction’s manual and see what it says about the safety. Since insecticides usually just kill adult fleas, but the larvae, it’s a good idea to vacuum the carpet thoroughly once it’s dry. After a few weeks you can repeat the treatment.
Some homemade remedies include:
Vinegar-based spray
Fleas hate the smell of vinegar. So, mix vinegar and water (half a glass of vinegar and half a glass of water) and put it into a spray bottle. You can use apple cider vinegar if you have one.
Lemon-based spray
Just like with vinegar, mix water and vinegar (1:1) and spray all over the carpet, with special focus on the areas your pets like to be around.
Soapy water flea trap
Fill a bowl with water and add a few drops if liquid dishwasher and place it somewhere next to the wall. Then take a lamp and point it towards the bowl. When the night falls, turn the lamp on and this will attract the fleas to jump towards the light and into the water.