Though small, fleas can be a real menace when they make their way into your home or pets. It is imperative that fleas be attended to or killed or attended to. Here are some ways you can use to kill fleas in your home and pets.
Use of botanical dust mixed with boric acid or borate powder
The easiest way to get rid of fleas in your home is not to kill the adult fleas. Killing the eggs and larvae will be more effective. This is because the lifespan of flea larvae can be as long as several weeks while that of adult fleas is only a week. Botanical dusts have been used as insecticides and borates are mineral components used widely as detergents, wood preservatives and insecticides. When applying botanical dust and borate mixture in affected areas, be sure to wear a mask to keep from inhaling the mixture. Areas to dust include the pet’s bed, furniture, bed and carpets. The best time to do this would when you are leaving for at least a day. When the dust has settled for 24 hours, vacuum the furniture, carpets and clean bedding from both beds.

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Use of cedar chips
Cedar chips are readily available at local home improvement stores or pet stores. Fleas don’t like the smell ‘of cedar and as such will do anything to avoid it. You should ensure that your pet is not allergic to cedar before using it. Place the chips on the pet’s bed, under the furniture, carpet and corners of the rooms. Place them in a cotton cloth before putting them under your pillow or between your sheets.
Spray floors with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)
The work of Insect Growth Regulators is to stop the fleas from developing. This stops the reproduction cycle and as such is an effective way of addressing your flea problem. Buy a concentrate of IGR and mix it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Spray all affected areas at least twice a month for best results.
Treat your pets for fleas
Fleas usually make their way into a home through pets in most cases. When on a mission to rid your house of fleas, consider treating your pets. The process should involve cleaning them, using flea products on the pet, rotating skin treatments and using them with IGRs as well as adding deterrents to your pet’s food.
Using shallow bowls filled with water and dish detergent
For fleas, a mixture of water and dish detergent is comparable to a toxic swimming pool. Should they jump into this pool, they die. Use a Frisbee or any shallow bowl and place it under a source of light. Fleas are attracted to light. When approaching the light, many fleas will fall into the bowl and die.